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How To Upload Photos To Instagram From Your PC (To Android)

Whew! Conference photos are finally uploaded to Instagram!

Confession, although I am a social media trainer, I’ve been avoiding Instagram like the plague. Anytime I hear the mention of “Romona do you do Instagram?” my mind immediately rushes to the scene in Forrest Gump when Jenny yells, “Run, Forrest, Run!” – and I’m outta’ there!

Recently, one of my social media clients,, emailed me a zip file containing 168 photos from their first writers’ conference in Lagos. Now, I could have said, I don’t do Instagram, which is a project I vowed never to take on, but because I absolutely love working on Connect Nigeria’s team, I was determined to figure out how to get these photos uploaded from my PC to their Instagram account. Now, to you this may not seem like a big deal, but I was sweating bullets trying to figure this out. Read more >>