How to Remove An Amazon Instant Video From Your Video Library

This blog post was inspired by a previous post that I wrote, entitled “How To Remove An Amazon Instant Video From Your Kindle Fire.”
While attempting to remove an Amazon Instant Video from my Kindle Fire, I accidentally removed it from my Amazon Video Library (which is located in your Amazon account). As most mistakes do, it taught me another lesson, which I will be sharing with you.

I actually learned How To Remove An Amazon Instant Video From My Video Library from a Google search on removing an Amazon Instant Video. It returned an Amazon forum thread, which at first seemed useless because the thread is so old. Most of the link names have changed on Amazon, so I had to read through and piece together how to do it using Amazon’s newly named “Your Account” and other links.

Here’s what I learned, and how you can Remove An Instant Video From your Amazon Video Library >>

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