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4 Tips On How To Use Pinterest As A Marketing Consultant

There are so many social media platforms out there today and everyone has a different opinion about which platform is best for your business. As a marketing consultant, you probably dabble in all of the big social media sites for your clients but, which ones do you use for yourself? Pinterest might be one of them. This colorful social media platform is a great way to drive traffic back to your website and get even more exposure for your business. The question is…how do you use it as a marketing consultant? Most people will tell you that Pinterest is mainly for B2C’s (Business to Consumers) but, there are plenty of ways that B2B’s (Business to Businesses) and specifically marketing consultants can use Pinterest to grow their reach and drive traffic back to their site. Below you will find 4 examples of how Constant Contact’s Solution Providers (our version of Marketing Consultants around the country) use Pinterest to their advantage. 1). Shelley Roth – Drive back to your content; 2). Romona Foster – Showcase your expertise; 3). Grapevine Marketing – Let your personality shine through; and 4). Buzz2Bucks – Show off your current clients. Read the entire article here >>


Mentioned on the Social Media Week 2013 Blog

Is your brand on Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Flickr, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and … any others that have cropped up since you started reading that list? Are you building connections with friends, fans, followers and pinners? Creating conversations in groups, chats, pages and circles? Trying to keep up with all of the platforms in the social sphere can be intimidating and overwhelming. Fortunately for your brand (and your sanity), you don’t have to do it all. You just have to do it right. We’ve grown past the somewhat compulsive “New platform? We must create an account! We must be everywhere!” phase. The focus is now on effectively leveraging the platforms that are the best fit for your brand and your audience. This can mean anything from growing and revamping existing accounts to adopting or experimenting with new platforms that fit your brand’s content strategy and reach your target audiences. Social Media Week Washington DC tackles this trend with both platform and engagement-specific events, to help you move past the need to be everywhere, and hone in on choosing the best platforms for your brand and making the most of them with a strong social media strategy. Events geared towards leveraging specific platforms, such as “Social storytelling Q+A with Tumblr” and [Romona Foster’s] “Discover the Power of Twitter Tweet-A-Thon-Style” can help your brand tell its story powerfully and effectively using specific platforms.

Interview with The Story Exchange – Empowering Women to Start Their Own Business


I started freelancing out of necessity. I was taking some event management classes in 2007. The program I was participating in required all students to complete a full-time internship and 160 practicum hours. In order to do this, I had to leave my full-time job as a meeting manager. I no longer had an income, so I started working on short-term projects for consultants and home-based businesses. In 2008, when I completed my internship and practicum hours, I began looking for work. The economy had taken a turn, so I was having a hard time finding a job. In the past, I never had a problem finding employment. Months of looking turned into years, so it really became pretty scary. I never really changed my mindset from looking for a job until 2012 when my passion took over …

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