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The Inaugural Code(Her) Conference

Romona Foster Mentioned in The Inaugural Code(Her) Conference by Sarah Jedrey

The Social Media Trainer and Consultant at Admin Tech Consulting, Romona Foster is a woman of many talents. Due to the laptop and projector refusing to talk to each other for a half hour, we learned that one of her talents was to memorize the name of 30 people in a few minutes. What could’ve been a dull disaster became a high-energy exchange of ideas about the role of social media and how to convince clients reluctant to change.

The room, with those 30 attendees, represented a range of experience from novice to master. The conversation we had brought home the fact that “social media” is as big and complex a subject as you could imagine. We touched on strategy, platforms, engagement, content sourcing, ethics and laws, time-savers, and stereotypes, and we still hadn’t exhausted ourselves when it was time to depart. But before we did, Romona left us with a good, actionable list of tips and tools especially useful for the less-experienced.

How to Manage Your Social Media in 60 minutes or less Webinar

Arlington Biz Launch and Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce webinar, “How to Manage Your Social Media in 60 minutes or less”

Be Your Own Unique & Amazing Self: Make Your LinkedIn Profile Your Own

Recently, someone reached out to me for a partnership opportunity. She wanted to develop a training partnership. She then told me that she looked at my LinkedIn profile. She also said she copied exactly what I’ve done on my profile and did the same on her LinkedIn profile. She just changed some of the words. When I hung up the phone from our conversation, I first was somewhat surprised … Read article here >>

Twitter Just Freaked Me Out!

I was chatting with @GiovanniLizama, Co-Founder/Language & Communications Specialist for @LimonZest, on Twitter about Amazon’s new Fire Phone, and noticed a popup notification, much like Facebook’s chat messaging feature. It freaked me out for a minute! Want to learn more about this Twitter notification? Then read on >>

How To Upload Photos To Instagram From Your PC (To Android)

Whew! Conference photos are finally uploaded to Instagram!

Confession, although I am a social media trainer, I’ve been avoiding Instagram like the plague. Anytime I hear the mention of “Romona do you do Instagram?” my mind immediately rushes to the scene in Forrest Gump when Jenny yells, “Run, Forrest, Run!” – and I’m outta’ there!

Recently, one of my social media clients,, emailed me a zip file containing 168 photos from their first writers’ conference in Lagos. Now, I could have said, I don’t do Instagram, which is a project I vowed never to take on, but because I absolutely love working on Connect Nigeria’s team, I was determined to figure out how to get these photos uploaded from my PC to their Instagram account. Now, to you this may not seem like a big deal, but I was sweating bullets trying to figure this out. Read more >>

Using Social Media to Handle Customer Complaints: Who’s Doing It Right?

How many times have you heard this, “Customer service is not what it used to be”? Those that are saying these words are speaking the half-truth. Customer service should still be handled in the same manner in which “it used to be” handled. Here is where it “is not what it used to be” comes in. Some businesses are still expecting all customer complaints and inquiries to come in the traditional manner – via phone call, email or as the incident occurs. These businesses think things are going well because customers are not complaining or making inquiries over the telephone, through email or in person. Read the full article >>

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How to Remove Yourself from a Twitter List

Today, I gave some attention to a part of Twitter that I’ve pretty much ignored – lists. Yes, I’ve created a slew of lists, but I rarely go back to them unless I am doing some research on a particular subject or industry expert.

While I was checking my notifications, I noticed someone had added me to a Twitter list that would be more appropriate for my personal Twitter account. When I clicked on the list hoping to find a way to remove myself from it, much to my surprise, I did not see a way to do so. That’s when I decided to pay a visit to my good friend Google. I found a great article there, “How To: Remove Yourself From Stupid Twitter Lists” by Aaron Lee.

Here are the steps that Aaron shares with us here >>

The Power of Email Marketing Seminar



To book me for group or one-on-one in-person or webinar training, click here … and complete form.

Seminar: Constant Contact’s The Power of Email Marketing
Presenter: Romona Foster, Social Media Trainer & Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert
Venue: Microsoft Store Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, Arlington, VA; (January 14, 2014)
Upcoming Seminars & Workshops:

Videographer: Profile Artist Moyé; Website:
Seminar Description:

Build the relationships that are key to your business success with easy, inexpensive and highly effective email marketing – leveraging social media marketing!

In this seminar, Romona provided tips to increase your email deliverability and open rates, write good headlines and content, and perhaps most importantly, strategies for getting — and keeping — high quality prospects, customers and members.

Attendees learned how to:

– Become trusted email senders in the eyes of their prospects, customers, and members;
– Build their list, how to find and keep email list subscribers, offline, online and especially via social media;
– Get their sent emails opened and read;
– Turn their readers into more frequent buyers/visitors/donors;
– Target their communications;
– How to get the right message to the right people at the right time;
– Use email communications to improve customer/member loyalty; and
– Enhance their email marketing with social media marketing — even if they didn’t have a social media presence!

Social media tips and how to’s from Washington, DC’s social media trainer and Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert, Romona Foster.

Google Hangout and How Small Businesses Can Use It For Content Marketing

You may have heard about the “new” (well, not so new anymore) social media platform called Google+.

If you don’t already use it, there’s a multitude of reasons why you should have a presence on Google+, from SEO value to thought leadership. One big reason you should try Google+, a reason often missing from many lists, is the Google Hangout.

A Google Hangout is a tool that allows you to have a group conversation. You can capture photos, share your screen, and message friends. You can also turn any Hangout into a live video call with up to 10 friends. It’s essentially Skype for more than 2 people. Once you hit the “broadcast” button on your Google Hangout, your Google+ connections can watch your video live on your Google+ page. The video will also be posted to your YouTube account to allow for promotion after you’ve held your Hangout.

Watch the video here >>

Interview with Romona Foster, Social Media Trainer & Consultant by Ja Bilal

Welcome to Inside Career…where our feature today is on Romona Foster, Social Media Trainer & Consultant

BILAL: Tell us about your background and what inspired you to venture into social media training?

ROMONA: Well…my background is actually in meeting planning. While taking some classes for event management, the school’s requirement was that you participate in a full-time internship and 160 practicum hours …

BILAL: How have you helped or experienced social media enriching those in business?

ROMONA: The biggest way I can help people is to share my own stories with them. For example with the LinkedIn classes, people inquire about how they can generate business. They say, “I am on LinkedIn but nothing happens.” or ”I have been trying to get business but can’t get anything.” Usually, the problem is that they are on there, but they are not engaging with anyone. I then share my own success stories of how business is being generated. I have gotten clients from it and now participate on an organization’s board because of LinkedIn. I have gotten clients from Twitter. People show up for class whom I have only known through Facebook or Twitter. I show clients how to create a marketing strategy online for themselves based on their type of business and help them decide which social media platforms work best for them. I can tell them about different strategies, but I have to share the ones that have worked for me. I tell them that continual engagement with their connections and group members is crucial. You can’t post once and disappear, or generate interest one week and don’t come back for several weeks. Engagement is the key in relation to their business strategy.

Click to read the full interview >>