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"Thanks sooooo much Romona!!! I appreciate your expertise and will peruse your site to check out classes that fit in to my schedule. I loved your workshops and look forward to learning more encouraging information. Your presence in our class was awesome, personable and efficient. Looking forward to using every resource available to help my busy grow - and for your time, experience and know-how, I am grateful." ~ Shuyinthia Hembry, Chief Academic Officer, Butterfly Works

"Thank you so much. You really inspire me. And remind me that there is a light at the end of this tunnel." ~ Susan B. Hunt, Retired Attorney

"Romona has gone above and beyond to assist me in building my social networking/media presence. In just a short while she has transformed my social networking/media outlets to provide my company with more visibility, therefore giving the company greater opportunities to attain projects. She is very knowledgeable in her field and always sharing great information to help her clients move forward in their endeavors. I look forward to continuing to build with the help of her expertise." ~ Moyeh Moye, Photographic Artist, Documentarian of Life Journeys, Creative Consultant, and Visualist, Profile Artist MOYE' by Inclusive Photography by MOYE', Charlotte, NC

"I recently attended a training by Romona Foster at the NSN. She was very informative regarding leveraging LinkedIn to enhance your personal brand. I would highly recommend that anyyone attend her sessions." ~ Berendia Jackson, Strategic Account Manager, Strategic Diagnostics, Washington, DC

"Romona Foster is a pro at navigating Social Media. The LinkedIn workshop she conducted for the National Sales Network's DC/Baltimore chapter was very informative and valuable to developing an understanding of how to utilize all the features on LinkedIn." ~ Felici Brown, Diabetes Sales Specialist, AstraZeneca, Washington, DC

"I attended the workshop "Leveraging the Power of Linkedin: Personal Brand for Sales Professionals." Ms. Foster was my instructor and I really enjoyed her presentation. She was very knowledgable about linkedin along with other social networks and had a great sense of humor which made the class entertaining. After going to the workshop I feel more confident with using Linkedin." ~ Justin Horton, Territory Sales Representative, Grainger, Washington, DC

"I had the pleasure of attending a Linkedin Symposium given by Romona Foster (Admintech Consulting). Her knowledge and insightful techniques helped me to improve my use of this "HOT" social media business tool to generate more contacts, quality leads, and increase more business with 501(c) 3 non-profit organizations." ~ Greg Hunter, Managing Director, Starion Energy, Washington, DC

"Romona Foster is a super talented Social Media expert. Our brand has improved vastly with her expert analysis of our old product and development of our new presence in social media. I highly recommend Romona! She is a great asset to our organization." ~ Bill Jones, President National Sales Network (NSN) DC/Baltimore, Washington, DC

"Romona is very attentive to her student's needs and throughout her class I felt she made sure we all got what we went there for and even more. I learned a lot and I can't wait to go back for part II. I also felt less intimidated about social media to the point that made me wonder why I didn't do that before. Thank you very much Romona!" ~ Flavia Campos, Professional Organizer, Soothing Spaces, Inc., Washington, DC

"I had the pleasure of meeting Romona Foster at a Linkedin seminar held at D.C.'s main public library. The class was amazing! I went equipped with specific questions that needed answers, and she provided them. In addition to being very knowledgeable of this social media tool, she's a sharp, engaging instructor who managed to hold her students’ attention. I can't wait to attend Part II of the Linkedin seminar to learn more about maximizing the benefits that this social media tool has to offer. In fact, I've already inquired about the Twitter class that she will be teaching in January 2013. Also, to finally join the social media revolution and feel comfortable doing so, I plan to take additional classes with her. Some of my friends need help navigating through these new communication tools, and I will be sure to pass Romona's name on to each and every one of them." ~ Desiree French, Communications Manager, Downtown DC Business Improvement District (BID), Washington, DC

"I thought I knew quite a bit about social media tools before I met and worked with Romona Foster. It wasn't long in working with her before I found myself learning new and useful things that proved to enhance my company's social media presence. She's very personable, savvy and results oriented and I would recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their social media presence and success in the marketplace." ~ Sylvia Baffour, Life Coach & Professional Speaker, Baffour International, LLC, Washington, DC

"Romona Foster has been my Linkedin Instructor and Career Coach since April, 2012. She is an Excellent Instructor very Patient, Informative and Knowledgable. I have learned so much in her class and the information has been very useful. I looked forward to taking advantage of the other classes Romona offers." ~ Ghita Walker, Customer Service Representative, Washington, DC

"I knew about Linkedin. Signed up for it. However, I had no idea how it would benefit me. I took the two classes that was offered at the Martin Luther King Library instructed by Romona Foster and a whole new world was opened to me. She was very knowledgeable, pleasant, patient, and answered all of our questions with clarity. I would recommend that anyone who wants a full understanding and working knowledge of Linkedin attend her classes. What I learned was invaluable. Thanks so much Romona. Now I look forward to going into the Linkedin Network." ~ Brian Smalls, CPA, Nonprofit Accountant, BLS Accounting Services, Washington, DC

"Romona is a detailed oriented instructor and IT specialist with information that is very beneficial. Since she is so cooperative, she is ease to work with." ~ Judy Hasbrouck, Furniture Consultant and Owner, Hasbrouck Associates, LLC, Washington, DC

"Romona is a fabulous instructor. I was her student in a class along with about 15 others. Her information is clear, very helpful, and she made certain that everyone in the class understood and participated. She has a good sense of humor, she is smart, and she has lots of energy. I felt lucky to learn more about social media and linkedIn from her. She really knows her stuff. I highly recommend her." ~ Dorothea Brady, Executive Director, Global Harmony Through Personal Excellence, Washington, DC

"Ms. Foster used her in-depth knowledge of professional social networks to provide me with exceptional guidance in improving my LinkedIn profile. I now have a profile that more accurately reflects my professional experience, my management skills, and my administrative strengths. Because of her encouragement and creativity a networking idea was turned into a networking opportunity! I am looking forward to continuing to work with her in the future." ~ Beverly (Lindsey) Coleman, Secondary and Postsecondary Advocate for Academic Enrichment and Success, Baltimore, MD

"Without Romona, I would not be in the position I am now. Her unbelievable critical thought to create a profile for me that allows employers to have a comprehensive view of my professional experience is nothing short of amazing. She spent significant time with me and pushed me to think about all of the attributes that I wanted to be reflected in my professional resume. From there she was able to take all of the information create a masterful document that has opened many doors for me. I highly recommend her services!" ~ David Hardy, Jr., Executive Director of Regional Achievement, State of New Jersey Department of Education, Trenton, NJ 

"I found Romona's services through LinkedIn and we established a relationship using this format. I am Chairman of Membership for the National Sales Network, Washington, DC/Baltimore chapter. Recruiting and maintaining membership for any non-profit association is challenging. Romona's master of social media techniques enabled me to more than double membership in a three month period of time. She also is a great strategist and thinks out of the box with new, fresh ideas. I would recommend Romona for any organization who needs to recreate and enhance their branding and visibility. She gives more than 100% into any task she undertakes." ~ Cynthia J. Weekes, Chairman of Membership, National Sales Network (NSN) DC/Baltimore, Washington, DC

"Training yesterday was AMAZING!!! Romona is the real thing. Creative, professional, and easy to communicate with. As a business woman it is very refreshing to "link" with another creative person who also has the marketing and technical understanding. I want this collaboration to last for years!!! I've been on the phone all morning telling others about this talented woman." ~ Alisa Smedley, Re-Entry Employment Coordinator, Montgomery County Correctional Facility, Wheaton, MD

"Romona brings a great deal of business expertise and knowledge to her trainings. She was extremely helpful in taking our class step by step through a technology process that I never would have figured out (or been motivated to) on my own." ~ Marya Michael, Transformational Coach, Gateways for Professionals, Washington, DC

"Romona Foster provided our members with tools for building online brand to assist with advancing their careers. She is extremely knowledgeable in social media and professional branding." ~ Candice Charles, Vice President of Membership, National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA), Inc. DC Chapter, Washington, DC

"As a volunteer instructor in computer literacy for Byte Back DC, Romona was always incredibly dedicated and passionate about her students at Faircliff Plaza West Apartments. Romona worked hard to ensure that each participant got as much out of the classroom experience as possible. Her students loved her classes and hope to continue working with her in the future. We thank her for her commitment to teaching." ~ Alexandra Nassau-Brownstone, Resident Services Officer, Somerset Development Company, Washington, DC

"It is my pleasure and privilege to offer my highest recommendation on behalf of Ms. Romona Foster. 

Ms. Foster is an invaluable member of a team of Volunteer Computer Instructors that supports the D.C. Public Library’s Free Computer Class Program with their time, their expertise, and their commitment to give back to the community the skills needed to empower our customers’ employment and life-long learning potential in the area of computer technology! 

As a Volunteer Computer Instructor, Ms. Foster is responsible for delivering several modules of our twelve-course curriculum of quality computer instruction to our adult customers in a Computer Lab facility of thirty-six workstations. These two to three hour classes range in subject from PC Basics to intermediate levels of the Microsoft Office Suite, from basic and intermediate Internet searching and job seeking strategies to creative web page design techniques. During her initial months with the Program, Ms. Foster was successful in presenting various Social Networking classes, thus enhancing our curricular offerings while drawing enthusiastic customers representing a diversity of races, creeds, nationalities, lifestyles, language groups, socioeconomic statuses, educational backgrounds, and physical challenges. 

Ms. Foster is adept and versatile in addressing the adult learners’ need to be goal-directed, self-directed, and practical with regard to applying their computer skills to everyday life functions. This is no easy task in a public environment where customer skill readiness is as varied as the customers themselves. Coupled with her winning customer service spirit, however, Ms. Foster consistently demonstrates the competence and patience to deliver quality instruction while meeting individual learning needs. The success of her teaching style is fully attested by the volume of written and verbal feedback from our customers who highly applaud Ms. Foster’s ability to engender and maintain a vibrant learning environment! 

In summary, I am confident that Ms. Foster’s voluntary involvement in the life-long learning process of others has kept her own learning and teaching skills honed for quality presentations in any setting. I am also confident that Ms. Foster will bring to you the same competent set of skills, the same team spirit, and the same high level of integrity that have won our respect! For this and the above-cited reasons, it gives me great pleasure to highly recommend Ms. Romona Foster for whatever opportunity is seeking with your agency or institution." ~ Desiré P. Grogan, Customer Training Coordinator, Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library, Washington, DC